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PMSE+ has real experts as trainers, each one in different fields of Erasmus Plus so importants as preparing European Projects, creating new methodologies, motivating teachers and pupils, focusing in languages and connecting technologies in Education. 


Our trainers put their knowledge in first line to manage better KA1 and KA2 Erasmus Plus Projects thanks to their experience and background. After the training courses, trainers will give you the results you wish and will help you to get your own scholar and personal objectives. Moreover, you will learn how to create a new methodology in education increasing the level of competences and the motivation of your pupils.

Ángel Gallardo


I love to be completely involved in Education, working as economy teacher, teaching at MBA University of Alicante and trainer of local teachers and schools in Erasmus Plus Projects since the beginning of Erasmus Plus world in 2014. Selected by Spanish National Agency of Education to foster internationalitation and European Programs.

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