PMSE+ has real experts as trainers, each one in different fields of Erasmus Plus so importants as preparing European Projects, creating new methodologies, motivating teachers and pupils, focusing in languages and connecting technologies in Education. 


Our trainers put their knowledge in first line to manage better KA1 and KA2 Erasmus Plus Projects thanks to their experience and background. After the training courses, trainers will give you the results you wish and will help you to get your own scholar and personal objectives. Moreover, you will learn how to create a new methodology in education increasing the level of competences and the motivation of your pupils.

Ángel Gallardo


I love to be completely involved in Education, working as economy teacher, teaching at MBA University of Alicante and trainer of local teachers and schools in Erasmus Plus Projects since the beginning of Erasmus Plus world in 2014. Selected by Spanish National Agency of Education to foster internationalitation and European Programs.


Irene Pérez


International teacher, mainly in the USA, and educational psychologist. My professional experience around the world has broaden my perspective about education. I am a deeply believer in project-based learning as a path of guiding students in their educational career. Curiosity, creativity, imagination, emotions and motivation are the strong foundations of my daily practice.

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Manuel Escuder


With more than 15 years experience in teaching participating at international and national educational projects. I am a lover of new technologies and how they can be applied to education and cooperative learning. I love sharing experiences, resources and methodologies to create a network of educational and cultural knowledge. Positivism and desire to learn are some of my basic skills.


Carmen Montesinos


Private Sector specialist who after years abroad has decided to come back to Europe and follow her passion and become a trainer in Gender Equality and Environment . I couldn’t imagine a better way to participate in the education of future generations than collaborate in creating a more equal, fairer and better world. 

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Víctor Bordera


International teacher, currently in the US, specialist on ICTs. Video-Games and new technologies have always been my passion. Since I started working as a teacher, I have been introducing them in all my projects. Share experiences and develop new ways to engage the students is been my focus during these fantastic years.

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Inma Haro


International woman and trilingual person in English, French and Spanish. Learning foreign languages has always been my passion. Since 2002 I have always worked using my English skills and for the past 10 years I have been teaching English as a foreign language. Making it easy for the students is my goal!


Víctor Santana

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Mamen Blanes


Víctor: PhD in Environmental Sciences, researcher in the Mediterranean Center for Environmental Research and part-time lecturer in the University of Alicante (Spain). My job as a researcher allows me to get involved in the resolution of many multidisciplinary projects and tasks, connecting different areas from the scientific-technological sphere.

Mamen: PhD in Biology and secondary school teacher. STEM is the best way to engage your students in scientific and technological subjects, at the same time that learn to solve real-life problems. Teaching STEM, you will turn your students into creative and motivated scientists!


I was positive surprise about organization and realization of this course in Alicante. I liked the way of working, the teacher has really good pedagogical skills and the most important, he took care for the participants in all the way (during the seminar and also after that). He was availble for help if needed 24hr per day and we felt safety.

I will recomend this course to everybody, it was great experience!

Helena Izda Štular. Teacher in Vrtec, Medvode - Slovenia