This innovative course is aimed at those people who are looking to experience new sensations, positive experiences and fun. In addition, this course offers the opportunity to live values as necessary as respect for oneself and others, diversity, cooperation or self-care in one's own skin. Words and talks are superfluous, it is time for the real language...time to listen, to look, to feel, to play...


We invite you to turn your world upside down and put it back in place from another perspective, with a new look, the look of the child you once were. When you do, you will feel much better and will want to share this experience with the people you care about.


In this course you will learn basic acroyoga techniques and postures. This  discipline was born in 2003 in San Francisco, USA, from Jason Nemer and Jenny Saner Klein. In the words of its founders: "Acroyoga is about integrating the wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of the therapeutic arts and the dynamism of acrobatics into a practice that allows people to feel a greater connection with their individual well-being and the well-being of others''.


This connection with oneself and with one's environment that the founders of this discipline speak of is precisely what we, the teachers, long for in the educational field, both in the teacher-student relationship and in the student-student and/or teacher-teacher relationship. In this aspect acroyoga is surprisingly useful in carrying out this mission. This course is aimed at all teachers who wish to know how to improve the environment in their centres, especially those in which conflicts are continually generated, those who wish to deal with unresolved issues between the teaching staff and, in general, those who wish to opt for an alternative way of creating impact and leave behind passive master classes.


The methodology will be theoretical and practical, research and experimental, as we will study in detail the benefits of acroyoga in situations of conflict in the classroom, as an anti-stress method for teachers and how the relationship between body-mind influences the practice of acroyoga. And all this, through our body.


The practice of acroyoga is carried out in groups of a minimum of three people, being supervised at all times by the trainers. Each person will rotate in the three roles (flyer, base and spotter). This practice is 100% safe and can be carried out by all people regardless of age or physical condition. No previous experience is required, nor you need to come with a partner.


- Cultivate confidence, joy and strength.

- To develop the capacity for active listening, humility and relaxation.

- To become aware of the present moment and balance ourselves in our life by connecting with ourselves and our environment.

- Knowing how to apply this practice in conflict resolution.

- To transmit the teachings of acroyoga to teachers in order to increase well-being in the educational field.


  • Specific objectives:

- To learn about the discipline of acroyoga (lunar, solar and Thai massage).

- To understand the physical and mental benefits of acroyoga.

- To experience basic postures of the lunar and solar phases.

- To know and practice the techniques of Thai massage to restore our body and that of others.

- Perform yoga sequences as a couple to start acroyoga sessions.

- Increase our own body awareness.

- Listen to our body's needs and learn to respect them.


This weekly programme is for guidance only. Depending on the needs of the participants and the professional profiles, the course may change. It is a flexible programme.


The course trainers will welcome the participants on Sunday afternoon and all the course material will be handed out. The main training, instruction and practical activities will take place from Monday to Friday. Finally, a course summary and final evaluation will be made on Saturday morning and certificates of attendance will be issued. The standard orientation programme is briefly explained below.


SUNDAY: Presentation.

- Meeting and greeting.
- Individual orientation and information about the venue and the city.
- Reception of all course material.
- Brief presentation of the course and its target by the end of the week.


MONDAY: Cultivating the Partnership

  • Basic concepts of acroyoga and participants' roles.

  • Three Person Partner Yoga.

  • Lunar: Healing arts

  1. Lunar Healing Arts Practice.

  2. Thai massage (Supine Thai massage level 1)and therapeutic flying (Foward Flying Level 1)

  • Theory: Conflict resolution. Phases and advice.


TUESDAY: Sensitivity before Strength

  • Partner Yoga FACE TO FACE.

  • Lunar: Healing arts

  1. Lunar Healing Art Practice.

  2. Thai massage (Supine Thai Massage level 2) and therapeutic flying (Foward Flying level 2)

  • Application in the classroom.

  • Theory: Why Acroyoga? Benefits and proposals to improve the atmosphere in the educational field.


WEDNESDAY: Unity, press and walking

  • Solar Asana Warm Up

  • Asanas: Front Bird, Front Plank, Throne and straddle Throne.

  • Thai Massage (Prone Thai Massage)

  • Application in the classroom.

  • Theory: Acroyoga as a method to live the present.


THURSDAY: Networking day

- Workshops, networking and exchange of good practices with other participants from other courses attending at the same time during the week.

- Presentation of your own school and your KA1 PROJECT with all participants from the course and other structured courses of the company.

- Optional Cultural package: it depends of the city where the course is running, the company will offer an optional package just to encourage networking and to know much more about cultural and historical from the country where you stay.


FRIDAY: Alignment

  • Three Person Partner Yoga.

  • Lunar: Backward Flying Level 1

  • Solar: Foundational Acrobatics.

  • Application in the classroom.

  • Theory: Summary of the key ideas of the course


SATURDAY: Final evaluation

                   Delivery of certificates of attendance

ACROYOGA sessions:

Acroyoga for the common good will attend courses during 2021 and 2022 in following dates:




  • From Sunday 28th March to Saturday 4th April.

  • From Sunday 11th July to Saturday 17th.




  • From Sunday 10th April to Saturday 16th.

  • From Sunday 10th July to Saturday 16th.


The cost of the seven day course is 490€, including course fee, certification and support fee, cultural and sport activities in the city. You will also receive a certificate of attendance. The cost includes arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday. The company offers an Optional cultural package to deepen in relationship between all participants.


The training course is tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus + to teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff of education organizations. Furthermore trainers can help in Key Action 1 Application to ensure that participants can get the grant and could be eligible to receive an Erasmus + grant that cover all the costs of the course.



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