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The course will focus on how to teach Entrepreneurship at schools and to how to discover and improve the entreprenaurial skills in pupils. Not only TES course is important to Economics or Management teachers from Middle or High School or Vocational Teachers but also to teachers that would like to enhance and work entrepreneurial skills. You will learn and practice several activities, indoor and outdoor, acquiring concrete skills related to how manage a team, leadership or entrepreneurship, in order to improve CREATIVITY in our pupils, COMMUNICATIONS ABILITIES and their EMPLOYABILITY CAPACITIES.

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Participants will acquire skills related to cooperative learning, taking the most of our environment in the educational process. Besides, this course is expected to show how to manage different GAMES to create a positive atmosphere in a practical way. The course will focus on the importance and benefits derived from the inclusion of games in the EDUCATIONAL PROCESS. Thus, our teachers will learn about gamification theory at the same time that they are expected to be able to incorporate gamification key competences in their lessons whatever the project is about or the level.

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The course provides innovative and engaging tools to integrate a METHODOLOGY based on projects taking into account the content of the lessons and the curriculum. You will learn the details and processes that will empower you to create PBL experiences in your classroom. This course will introduce you to techniques that allow your students to facilitate a learning project based on their passions, all while building cooperative learning and 21st Century skills. You will look at a variety of instructional STRATEGIES and technology tools to support PBL in your classroom and you will learn to assess your students’ progress.


The course will focus on THE USE AND LEARNING OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES in the classroom, with special focus on the use of tablets as iPads or similar ones and discovering new apps but the achieve of all new knowledge as well. Students will work with modern technology to explore image and sound editing, the making of interactive presentations, the creation  of online and offline games activities, etc. All these activities and tools will help a lot of subjects such as mathematics, science, languages, etc., so INTERDISCIPLINARY will be used as part as the digital resources.


This workshop is created for teachers who want to include video in their classes to make them more dynamic and more attractive to students. You can also create an audiovisual workshop for students to make their own short films or videos for any subject encouraging their motivation and creativity. We will also learn very simple but visually very attractive techniques such as Time Lapse or the synchronization of several cameras that will help us to make our videos look like professionals.

Using Video-Games and Virtual Reality to enhance and motivate your students course is aimed towards teachers of all levels. The course provides innovative and engaging ideas to integrate video-games through the content of the lessons and the curriculum. You will learn the details and processes that will empower you to create successful video game-based learning experiences in your classroom. What team are you belonging to?  Are you Game On?


The magic in classroom course is a motivating and different training for both the student and the teacher. The aim of this project is to encourage and energize the motivation of the students in classroom with a new point of view and approach from other perspective in order to create more cooperative and motivated working groups. Will you learn magic? Yes!! What is more, this magic course will give an extra tool to the teacher to explain certain principles in a practical way in class.



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