Meditation technique has a very positive impact in intellectual activity and, on the other hand, in a development of personality, intelligence, SELF-CONFIDENCE, greater tolerance and control in the face of stress situations

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MMORE course is focused on dynamic and practical contents of Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga topics. Participants will increase their efficiency and effectiveness in productive performance within the workplace and personally, through learning the technique of Meditation. Applied correctly in the school environment, Meditation technique will allow to achieve greater SOCIAL EQUALITY, AVOID AND PREVENT CONFLICTS and achieve a better resolution of these. Besides, Yoga sessions are running during the week of the course and will have very importance in the knowledge of relaxing education.

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MMORE Have you ever heard about Mindfulness? Have you ever followed a guided meditation? Have you ever practiced a Yoga session? If you have answered YES two or all questions, THIS is your course. MMORE Mindfulness, MMORE Meditation, MMORE Yoga, MMORE Nutrition, MMORE Outdoor sessions. MMORE ADVANCED.


The Montessori method is over 100 years old and more and more people are becoming interested in it. We will go into the evolutionary development of the child and how to promote his or her needs and tendencies, and we will find out how to put into practice the teachings of Maria Montessori in the public school. This course is aimed at teachers who are interested in learning about another way of educating children, the future men and women of tomorrow, to achieve their full potential. The most important thing is to find inner motivation.


The course will focus on how to develop a correct environment at schools and how to improve and implement FEMINISM in the classroom, how to empower the children not matter what the society expects from them, no matter what GENDER are born with, as well as how to create healthy and respectful relationships, now and in their future. It involves eliminating stereotypes or preconceived ideas about the characteristics that girls and boys, women and men should have. Every boy or girl has the right to be different, so it is necessary to educate by valuing individual DIFFERENCES and personal qualities.

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SOFT SKILLS course is especially suitable for teachers who work with students with special educational needs, with a risk of social exclusion, bullying and early school leaving. Drama is an effective way in the process of delivering and boosting soft skills in both teachers and students. Teachers need to have strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills together with the ability to resolve conflicts, show a positive attitude and promote WELL-BEING as important PERSONALITY traits and career attributes at workplace and will help to develop the SOFT SKILLS and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE of all students


The course provides innovative and engaging tools to integrate social emotional learning in the school and more specifically in the classroom. You will learn the details and processes that will empower you to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Besides, you will look at a variety of instructional strategies and technology tools to support SEL in your classroom and school, and you will learn to assess your students’ progress in their experiences. In addition, you will explore some great learning ideas that have already been put into practice!

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The course will focus on how to create an INCLUSIVE, diverse classroom environment, considering the wide range of experiences and educational backgrounds – including those which may not be immediately apparent – of our teachers and students. When we incorporate a variety of perspectives into our teaching and provide students with new ways of perceiving their environment, we are preparing them to be part of a diverse workforce. DIVERSITY enriches us and it can be a powerful tool for the development of our teaching approaches.


The magic in classroom course is a motivating and different training for both the student and the teacher. The aim of this project is to encourage and energize the motivation of the students in classroom with a new point of view and approach from other perspective in order to create more cooperative and motivated working groups. Will you learn magic? Yes!! What is more, this magic course will give an extra tool to the teacher to explain certain principles in a practical way in class.