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Participants will learn everything about CLIL principles, how to design a CLIL course at the same time that you could have the resources needed to adapt your current work to CLIL methodology. Everything in a practical sense so that teachers coming to this course end it with a great knowledge of this theory and how to implement it. One of the strengths of the Course lies in the fact that its teaching is based not only in theorical activities but also in practical activities. In every single topic, managers will give you key contents and advices supported by practical cases and group work.


As per its title, this is an intensive course to improve, in general terms, your English level, and it aims to be a preparation course for B2 official examinations. Of course, one week is not enough to achieve such an ambitious goal, as B2 is quite a challenging level. However, our teachers will show you the path to get to it, giving you the necessary tools to prepare for the exam. Nowadays, there is a wide range of resources available on line to learn foreign languages; our mission as teachers will be to guide you to choose the most useful ones and take advantage of them to prepare for the exam.

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The present course is directed at foreign teachers of Spanish. It has three main objectives: to perfect the knowledge of Spanish as a second language, to improve its practice and to further educate professionals in Spanish culture and civilisation. The course is organised into three sections which will be arranged according to the linguistic fluency of the teachers, their educational competence and acquired knowledge of modern Spain. In adition, the course is accompanied by a wide-ranging cultural program which will include a minimum of three weekly activities within the course.


PIC Number. 906281768

Organization ID: E10039300


Monday - Friday     9:00am-18:00pm

​Saturday                9:00am-14:00pm


Avda. Alfonso X el Sabio., 11. Alicante.