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E+PMEV will focus on management and assesment Key Action 1 and how to create a successful Key Action 2 Erasmus + Projects. In addition, participants will learn from local partners thanks to PERSONALIZED EDUCATIONAL VISIT TO SCHOOLS they do in the city of the venue, having the opportunity to know a new education system. You will learn everything about the funding available at Erasmus + Projects, acquiring concrete skills related to the design of a SUCCESSFUL PROJECT, the key words to write the form and manage the project once approved.


This course will focus on the beneficial usage of the eTwinning platform in international school  projects, with special focus on Key Action 1 + 2 Erasmus + Projects. European National Agencies grant more points to your Erasmus KA1 or 2 application when you are planning to use eTwinning within the project or even better - starting from an already existing project. The course is based on practical lessons and presentations of examples of good practice as well as discussions and experience comparisons.



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