Meditation technique has a very positive impact in intellectual activity and, on the other hand, in a development of personality, intelligence, SELF-CONFIDENCE, greater tolerance and control in the face of stress situations

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The course is focused on dynamic and practical contents of Mindfulness and Meditation topics. Participants will increase their efficiency and effectiveness in productive performance within the workplace and personally, through learning the technique of Meditation. Applied correctly in the school environment, Meditation technique will allow to achieve greater SOCIAL EQUALITY, AVOID AND PREVENT CONFLICTS and achieve a better resolution of these. Besides, Yoga sessions are running during the week of the course and will have very importance in the knowledge of relaxing education.


The yoga and meditation for a mindful education course is a practical course to initiate children and teenagers into the world of yoga and meditation. The course is presented as a game with which students can have fun, get to know their body and control their breathing consciously. Children are constantly developing and the changes they experience affect their bodies, minds and relationships with others. Yoga helps them to grow healthily inside and outside.


The course provides innovative and engaging tools to integrate the 6 global competencies in education. You will be trained on how to understand the learning process of the mind and through our collaborative approach, encourage the heart in each other, as well as in our students. All the techniques of the course will empower you to create experiences in your classroom to develop in the students not only the 6 c’s but also strong and successful minds, all while building cooperative learning and 21st Century skills.

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SOFT SKILLS course is especially suitable for teachers who work with students with special educational needs, with a risk of social exclusion, bullying and early school leaving. Drama is an effective way in the process of delivering and boosting soft skills in both teachers and students. Teachers need to have strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills together with the ability to resolve conflicts, show a positive attitude and promote WELL-BEING as important PERSONALITY traits and career attributes at workplace and will help to develop the SOFT SKILLS and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE of all students