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YouTube's educational videos are very varied (both in format and in personality), so practically any student from anywhere in the world can find something that interests them. Whatever your inspiration, YouTube can help you bring your ideas to life.


YouTube is a very powerful tool for teachers who want to complement and facilitate classes. We are going to learn to communicate what we want to say in the audiovisual language of YouTube and to record and edit our videos in a simple way. We will learn the basic SEO so that our videos are disseminated and positioned correctly on YouTube and Google. We will use Facebook and Instagram to spread the content of our YouTube channel and thus reach more people around the world. At the end of the course we will have our YouTube channel with all the SEO correctly done, our first uploaded video and perhaps our first subscribers waiting for the next video.


Ready to receive many Likes? Let's go there!


This YouTube content creation course for teachers will be divided into theoretical classes but above all practical classes, creating our YouTube channel and our first video. The course will last 5 hours a day for 5 days, of which there will be 2 hours a day of theoretical explanation and 3 hours of practical both recording and editing. We will also have time to rest and to be able to interact with classmates to exchange ideas and projects related to the course.

Our experienced trainers will support and stimulate the networking and cooperation among participants. We organize networking, cultural, sport and historical activities in order to give participants the opportunity to exchange best-practices and establish professional cooperation and links. These activities are a very good example of how to organise activities in a possible common future KA2 project. In these activities will take part not only participants of the course but also other participants from different courses attended by the company.


In the end of the course, the company will provide the participants an attendance certificate including the detailed information about the course, e.g. title, programme and schedule. In addition, a Europass Mobility Certificate can be added on request.


We are going to learn how to create a YouTube channel aimed at education or the dissemination of our subject that will serve as a complement to the classes we teach to our students. In detail, the concrete goals of the course are:

  • To create of an educational channel on YouTube to disseminate our subject.

  • Simple video recording and editing to communicate on YouTube.

  • How to translate your ideas into the appropriate format for your educational videos

  • To create of the thumbnails, headers and logos for our channel.

  • To implement of the necessary SEO to our channel and our videos.

  • To disseminate of our video through Social Networks like Facebook and Instagram.


By the end of the course, each participant should be able to:

  • Create educational videos from an idea.

  • Record and edit quality video easily with Adobe Premiere RUSH.

  • The sound, quality recording using mobile phone or video or SLR camera and computer.

  • Lettering and graphics, how to reinforce our content with images, graphics and on-screen labels.

  • Create of the necessary thumbnails to attract attention on YouTube.

  • Positioning of our video, implementation of SEO in our video to stand out from the rest.

  • Disseminate of our video on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other Social Networks.


Generally speaking, managers of the course will receive participants on Sunday evening and give them all course material. During the week it will develop the course with funny lessons and motivated activities to do with students once each participant would be back to your school, paying attention that all participants will have the oportunity to know some new educational systems. That’s why E+PMEV will do personalized educational visit to schools on Tuesday to know how they work and to have the chance to create a KA2 project with local centers. Furthermore, participants will be involved in cultural activities during the week with all actors of differents courses attended by the company. Moreover, on Thursday all participants will be able to explain their own school and KA1 project to all participants and work al together to set up future eTwinnings or even KA2 projects. After that, all of them will have the possibility to enjoy with an optional activity to deepen in the searching of new partners, enjoying a great day full of motivating, gamification, creative, mindfulness and funny activities all together. On Friday, and after once all participants have received all knowledge of the course and to finish a great week, participants could join to an optional lunch or dinner, it depends on the city. Finally, on Saturday morning it will assest the course and will take place a certification ceremony with the deliveration of a video – photo souvenir of the course. Please find below the standard indicative daily programme:



Meeting and greeting.

Individual orientation and information about the venue and the city.

Reception of all course material.

Brief presentation of the course and its target by the end of the week.



Decide clearly the content and objective of our YouTube channel

Create the script for our first video.

Easy video and audio recording.

Free cultural activity: discovering the city and its cultural heritage.



Easy video editing with Adobe Premiere RUSH.

Reinforcement of our video with lettering, music, photos and effects.

Free cultural activity: discovering the city and its cultural heritage.



YouTube, creation of our channel.

Logo, headers, settings and SEO.

Creation of the thumbnail of our first video.

Description, title, keywords and SEO for our first video.



Networking activity: Presentation of your own school and your KA1 PROJECT: 5W's. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY with all participants from the course and other structured courses of the company. 

Networking activity:  Guided session to find your best partner for a future JOB SHADOWING and/or KA229 PROJECT.

Optional Cultural package: it depends of the city where the course is running, PMS ERASMUS PLUS will offer an optional package just to encourage networking and to know much more about cultural and historical from the country where you stay.



The last day of the course we will use it to finish our video.

Upload of our video to YouTube.

Effective dissemination on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.



Course evaluation.

Releasing of official course certifications.

Presentation of participants’ works.

Participants departure.


YOUTUBE will attend courses during academic course in 2022 in following dates:


The cost of the seven day course is 490€, including course fee, certification and support fee, cultural and sport activities in the city. The company offers an Optional cultural package to deepen the relationship between all participants.

VIDEO-MAKING training course is tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus + to teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff of education organizations. Furthermore trainers can help in Key Action 1 Application to ensure that participants can get the grant and could be eligible to receive an Erasmus + grant that covers all the costs of the course.

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