The company will do GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS where all participants of training courses will participate together in cultural and funny activities. Those GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS will involve participants from all courses of the company, in order to connect everything as educational departments of the same school. Every participant of each training course will have the opportunity to spend some funny time and to meet more people than in other simple course. Moreover, all courses include some cultural, sport and historical networking activities during the week. All activities involve participants from other courses of the company in order to create a great environment and to find the perfect partner for future eTwinning projects or even to collaborate together in a KA2 Erasmus Plus Project.


Specifically speaking, on Thursday all participants will be able to explain their own school and KA1 project to all participants and work together to set up future eTwinnings or even KA2 projects. Furthemore, all participants are invited to spend a great networking day in some relevant place of the city. This activity day will connect participants of different courses to match perfect partners for future relationships in European Projects. At the end of the week, all actors will be asked to participate in a lunch or dinner in some special place in the city. All networking activities are designed to deepen the relationship between all participants.


We aim to get an effective follow-up to stimulate peer networking, to keep in touch and to share opinions, experiences and practices for unlimited time with this tool and other different ways of connection, like e-mail, individual Skype calls, Facetime, telephone, WhatsApp or Facebook Group ‘Nameofthecourse Europe Group’. Furthermore PMS ERASMUS PLUS will upload documents, videos and photos of the course in icloud, Dropbox or Google drive and will encourage to all participants to share their own creation to have the maximun information in common benefits. In addition, photos of the training course and a sum-up video that can be used for visibility and dissemination purposes.



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Alicante (Spain)