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Meditation technique has a very positive impact in intellectual activity and, on the other hand, in a development of personality, intelligence, SELF-CONFIDENCE, greater tolerance and control in the face of stress situations

The course is focused on dynamic and practical contents of Mindfulness and Meditation topics. Participants will increase their efficiency and effectiveness in productive performance within the workplace and personally, through learning the technique of Meditation. Applied correctly in the school environment, Meditation technique will allow to achieve greater SOCIAL EQUALITY, AVOID AND PREVENT CONFLICTS and achieve a better resolution of these. Besides, Yoga sessions are running during the week of the course and will have very importance in the knowledge of relaxing education.


THE MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION ADVANCED COURSE is aimed to participants who attended the introductory course previously and all those new participants who are experienced in the practice of meditation. The course is focused on dynamic and practical contents. Once you discover the mindful approach in life and school, you have the chance of deeply settling this mindset in your life thanks to this special course for advanced practitioners. During the sessions, the participant will be able to gain knowledge and contents about how to implement a MINDFUL CULTURE in their schools and personal life.


The yoga and meditation for a mindful education course is a practical course to initiate children and teenagers into the world of yoga and meditation. The course is presented as a game with which students can have fun, get to know their body and control their breathing consciously. Children are constantly developing and the changes they experience affect their bodies, minds and relationships with others. Yoga helps them to grow healthily inside and outside.


This is a practical, dynamic, fun and unconventional course that seeks to connect Body-Mind-Nature (BMN) from different approaches which are applicable both inside and outside the classroom. practical sessions are carried out that range from the body, breathing, the mind, nutrition and nature. During this course the participant will re-learn, experience techniques and healthy body patterns focused on personal development, promoting cognitive, motor and physical development along with social development.

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Today it seems clear that development of creativity is essential. Proof of the great importance creativity has in our daily lives is the fact that it is, without a doubt, number 1 of the desired competences in the professional network. The same happens with the democracy as well and citizens must play an active role to build a better future. However, for teachers, sometimes both tasks seem a bit challenging since we don’t know very well how to teach to be creative and how to transmit this responsibility to our students. During this course, participants will acquire skills related to the development of creativity, divergent thinking for problem-solving, as well the techniques and skills necessary to be able to develop an active citizenship.

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